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Crow, S. R. (2009). Relationships that Foster Intrinsic Motivation for Information Seeking

Abstract: Based on a study conducted in the fall of 2008, this article highlights relational aspects of the experiences of upper elementary (age 10) children identified as intrinsically motivated for information seeking. Research for the study was conducted using an inductive naturalistic approach in order to address the following question, “What are the experiences in the lives of upper elementary school children that foster an intrinsic motivation to seek information?” The Self-determination Theory provided the basis for the theoretical framework. Participants were selected from a pool of fifth graders from three diverse schools within a single community in the USA. Initially, the children were chosen based on the results of a survey especially developed for the study. Interviews and a drawing activity were used to collect the data that served as the foundation for analysis. Findings featured in this article are the students’ affinity for play, point-of-passion experiences, “anchor” relationships, and indication by students that working in a group was a component of their favorite information seeking episodes. Importance of relationships to students of particular cultures is also discussed. Implications and recommendations for practitioners include suggestions for defining the missions, directing the services, and structuring the environments of school library programs toward the goal of supporting and developing intrinsic motivation in school children through relationships and relational activities.

Subject categories: Information literacy, information processing models (10)

Abstract submitted by Janice Newsum, Florida State University

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