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Su, S.A. & Chang, C. (2008). Information Needs and Information-Seeking Behavior of Gifted Sixth Graders. Taiwan

Abstract: Through questionnaire survey to three subject groups, the study investigates the perceptions of information needs and information seeking behavior of gifted sixth graders, their parents, and the regular sixth graders, and most interestingly their differences. School teachers were interviewed to examine their attitudes towards school library support for gifted education. As hypothesized, there exist significant differences in information needs and seeking behavior between the gifted and regular sixth graders, including the use of school libraries and other libraries. The results show that gifted sixth graders are in stronger demand for cognitive information. Parents are less aware of the perceived affective information need of and are less consulted by the gifted sixth graders. Teachers demand more library supports by common assent.

Subject Categories: 10, 16

Abstract submitted by Janice Newsum, Florida State University

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