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Matsudo, H. (2008). School librarians’ anticipated support for students with Special Education Needs (SEN): Using a Modified Grounded Theory Approach. Japan

Abstract: The purpose of this study is examining some suggestions on how school libraries can be involved in Special Education Needs in a helpful way. The Modified Grounded Theory Approach is used as the method for this study. In my analysis I focus on the change in perception of 19 school staff members with respect to changes in the school library function and factors for these changes. Based on the result the school librarian’s anticipated four supports are suggested as follows: providing suitable materials that take into account students’ situation, searching study by team teaching, supporting students’ self-affirmation by sympathetic understanding, and educational support encouraging students’ socialization.

Subject Categories: 6, 16

Abstract submitted by Janice Newsum, Florida State University

See also: World Class Learning and Literacy through School Libraries -- Selected papers from the 37th annual conference of the International Association of School Librarianship, and the Twelfth International Forum on Research in School Librarianship, Berkeley, CA, USA, 3 - 7 August 2008. ISBN: 978-1-890861-35-3

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