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Asselin, M. & Moayeri, M. (2008). Toward a Pedagogy for Using the Internet to Learn: An Examination of Adolescent Internet Literacies and Teachers’, Parents’ and Students’ Recommendations for Educational Change. Canada

Abstract: This study observed adolescents’ Internet practices as they did homework and explored student, parent and teacher views on Internet use for learning the academic disciplines. Findings revealed that instruction of the new literacies of the Internet should address strategic information searching and critical evaluation of online information. Factors of Internet use in schools are teachers’ knowledge of technology, access issues, educational policy, and adult attitudes. Implications include prioritizing instruction of aspects of Internet literacy, implementing district and school initiatives targeted to enabling effective use of the Internet for learning, and transforming pedagogical frameworks of learning from fact finding tasks to inquiry processes.

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Abstract Submitted by Janice Newsum, Florida State University

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