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Ip, K.K.L., Chu, S. K. W. & SIT, D.K. (2008). Online and offline reading habits of primary school students. Hong Kong

Abstract: Academics have long been interested in the reading habits of primary school students. Substantial works were conducted to investigate different aspects of children’s reading habits. However, there remains a gap in the literature with regard to the link between children’s habits of reading printed books and e- books. In light of this, this paper will focus on examining the information needs and reading habits of primary students in a digital world, and their habits of reading traditional printed materials and electronic materials. Subsequently, these two aspects will also be compared. Results revealed that boys generally read more than girls, online and offline. Students at higher grades were found less attracted to digital materials. It is hoped that this paper will foster better understanding of children’s online and offline information needs and reading habits.

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Abstract Submitted by Janice Newsum, Florida State University

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