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Chu, S. K. W. (2008). Primary four students' development of reading ability through inquiry-based learning projects. Hong Kong

Abstract: This paper is part of a bigger study that investigates a collaborative instructional approach involving three kinds of teachers (Information Technology, General Studies, and Chinese) and the school librarian in guiding primary 4 (P4) students through two phases of inquiry-based learning (IBL) projects, each lasting for 2-3 months between 2006-2007. This collaborative approach in guiding students through the IBL projects has proven to be effective. Not only did the participating students significantly enhance their reading abilities, but they obtained 37.47% higher grades in their General Studies projects compared with their peers in the previous year (Chu, Chow, Tse, & Kuhlthau, 2008a). This paper examines the reading tests completed by the students before and after their IBL projects, in addition to analyzing the opinions of students, teachers and parents regarding students’ reading ability improvement after the Phase 1 of the IBL projects. In doing so, it may shed light on the benefits and possibilities of an integrative instructional approach in improving students’ reading and language abilities.

Subject categories: 3, 12

Abstract submitted by Janice Newsum, Florida State University

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