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Hunt R. D. (2008). Star Struck: Characterizing Children's Literature. United States of America.

Abstract: Two theoretical frameworks are used to examine the literary quality of celebrity-authored books. The use of “traditional” literary elements identified by numerous researchers in the field of children’s literature (Kiefer, 2006; Horning, 1997; Lukens, 2002 and Nodelman, 1988). The second theoretical concept is “Radical Change,” developed by Dresang (1999). The theory includes three Radical Change Types. Changing Forms and Formats (Type One); Changing Perspectives (Type Two); and Changing Boundaries (Type Three). Combing these two will provide a multi-dimensional framework. The analysis should answer the following questions: (1) Are these books well written? (2) What literary value do they possess? (3) Are the books appealing to a diverse population? (4) Should these books be considered for inclusion in a school’s library?

Subject Categories: 5, 15

Abstract Submitted by Janice Newsum, Florida State University

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