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Carmichael, P. & Meyer, D. (2009). Sharing the passion for learning around the world: An international collaborative online pilot of the Independent Learning Centre Program. Australia

Abstract: This paper reports the positive impact of international collaboration, utilization of technology and the Independent Learning Centre Program (ILCP) on student confidence and personal achievement. During 2008-2009, Concordia Lutheran College (CLC), an Australian K-12 school and Patrick County High School (PCHS), an American secondary school worked together to deliver the Independent Learning Centre Program (ILCP) as developed by Carmichael (2008). This project utilized the Learning Activity Management System (LAMS) as a support system for delivery. The purpose of the online delivery was to make available to Patrick County High School, the teaching and learning strategies enhancing independent learning skills for information literacy and differentiated instruction (Tomlinson, 2003) via the Internet. The program gave students in both schools the opportunity to collaborate internationally and engage in a research topic of personal interest. It was anticipated this program would foster a sense of learner autonomy (Confessore & Confessore, 1994) enhancing students’ faith in their ability to accomplish an individual project contributing to cognitive development duration of their formal schooling.

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Abstract Submitted by Janice Newsum, Florida State University

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