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Schultz-Jones, B. & Ledbetter, C. (2009). School libraries as learning environments: examining elementary school students’ perceptions (USA)

Abstract: This paper presents preliminary results from a 2008/2009 research study examining the application of a learning environment paradigm to the school library setting. With a focus on Grade 5 science classes, we examined the relationships among student perceptions of science programs and library programs. From a practical point of view, this study presents a new model for considering the contribution of school libraries to the field of education, specifically science education. From a research point of view, this study makes a unique contribution to the field of learning environments by evaluating school library programs and their relationship to classroom environments. The research will continue at other grade levels and be extended to assess the relationship between learning environments in the school library setting and student achievement.

Subject Categories: 5

Abstract Submitted by Janice Newsum, Florida State University

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