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Schmidt, R., Kowalski, V., & Nevins, L. (2010). Guiding the Inquiry Using the Modified Scientific Literature Review

Abstract: An ethnographic study explored how 41 grade 11 students enrolled in biology, chemistry, physics and psychology classes completed a modified scientific literature review (SLR). Researchers questioned whether the use of primary readings from peer-review science journals promoted increased student learning, the ability to handle scientific information, the stimulation of critical thinking skills, development of a deeper understanding of a scientific topic, and the preparation for collegiate research. Data were collected in four phases: Preliminary interviews; debriefing interviews after completion of the SLRs; content analysis of student work; and face-to-face interviews two years after the SLR unit with self-selected participants from the original sample. Findings indicate that students were able to successfully manage the scientific literature. All participating students made an “intellectual jump” in knowledge creation. Construction of new scientific knowledge was reflected in the ability to compare and contrast the scientific studies, as well as indicate exceptions, omissions, trends, and possible implications for future research. Thirty percent of students mentioned the SLR as one of the most helpful college preparation experiences.

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Abstract Submitted by Janice Newsum, Florida State University

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