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Montiel-Overall, P. (2010). Further Understanding of Collaboration: A Case Study of How It Works with Teachers and Librarians

Abstract: Collaboration between teachers and librarians is considered an essential element of school librarians’ work. This case study examined a collaborative effort between teachers and librarians from diverse areas of expertise who collaborated in designing professional development workshops for a group of elementary school teachers and librarians. The purpose of the study was to further understand the process of teacher and librarian collaboration, and to evaluate the collaborative process using a proposed model of teacher and librarian collaboration. Findings support previous studies that indicate knowledge sharing, relationship building, and environmental factors are essential to successful collaboration. In addition, the study illustrates the close association between deep thinking and high-level collaboration. The process of collaboration appears to involve phases including a beginning phase, relationship-building phase, and productive phase. This study furthers the profession’s understanding of how to engage in successful teacher and librarian collaboration to improve education.

Subject categories: 3, 17

Abstract Submitted by Angela Austin, Florida State University

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