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346. Branch, J. L., de Groot, J. (2011). Fearless, playful and connected: Empowering teacher-librarians through an exploration of Web 2.0.

Abstract: This paper presents findings from a graduate-level required class for teacher-librarians in Web 2.0. It provides a rich description of how teachers and teacher-librarians are using Web 2.0 technologies in their personal, teaching and learning, and professional development. No longer are they consumers of Web 2.0 but they are creators and sharers of new content on the Internet. There was a much more balanced use of Web 2.0 after the class – many of the teachers and teacher-librarians had never used a Web 2.0 tool in their personal, teaching or professional life before the class. Teachers and teacher-librarians who completed the Web 2.0 class saw themselves as technology leaders in their schools and districts.

Subject categories: Education for School Librarianship, Information and Communication Technologies, Professional Development, Teacher Education Issues
Country: Canada

Abstract Submitted by Angela Austin, Florida State University

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