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347. Combes, B., Hanisch, J., Carroll, M., Hughes, H., Millington, A. (2011). Are we there yet? Students have their say about Library and Information Science education in Australia and twenty-first century learning.

Abstract: Library and Information Science (LIS) education faces considerable opportunities and challenges in the 21st Century. Institutions must produce a range of information professionals, including teacher librarians. These future professionals must be able to respond flexibly to rapidly evolving social, economic and technological change. Multimedia elearning environments and the interactive nature afforded by Web 2.0 technologies mean that LIS programs can be delivered globally and collaboratively to an international audience. Attracting students who will take LIS and the challenges posed by a rapidly evolving information landscape into the twenty-first century, is an integral part of building strong and sustainable educational programs.

Subject categories: Education for School Librarianship, Professional Development, Role Issues, Teacher Education Issues
Country: Australia

Abstract Submitted by Angela Austin, Florida State University

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