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Findings: : Information about school library programs and services are limited in the preparation of pre-service teachers. There is a serious erosion of school library education in Faculties of Education. Staff working in the Education Libraries understand the concept of information literacy and its pervasive role in their daily work with students and faculty members.

Abstract: This paper describes a research program that examines the place of school library programs and services in teacher education programs and specifically how pre-service teachers are learning to teach information literacy. Data collection methods are questionnaires and surveys of several groups of teacher educators. The first phase of the research was conducted in Canada and the second stage expands to other countries where Canadian instruments are being adjusted for use in specific international contexts. The research is premised on the prime opportunities for school libraries to support development of the requisite skills and abilities in knowledge-based economies by ensuring new teachers are informed and equipped to collaborate with teacher-librarians. See:

Asselin, M. (2003). A research program examining the inclusion of school libraries and information literacy in pre-service teacher education from national and international perspectives. In S. Zinn, G. Hart and E. Howe (Eds), School libraries: Breaking down barriers (pp. 13-22). Seattle: International Association of School Librarianship.

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