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Findings: The implementation of the unit "Supervised personal work" initiates awareness in the school of the need to train young citizens in the culture of information.

Abstract: Since 1999, the French Educational System has spread some units based upon the encounter between some teaching disciplines and the school documentation centre with an emphasis on the pupils' interests, research and information re-writing methods and multi-disciplinary approaches. A set of "pedagogical barriers" seems to become open to change however some new forms of barriers appear such as technicist barriers, discrimination in access to information, new misunderstandings among pupils, and so on. The purpose of this paper is to understand the effects of the new unit "Supervised personal work" on the following: 1) the mission of the schoolıs documentation and information centre; 2) the relationships between the teacher-documentalist (teacher librarian) and the subject teachers; and 3) the way the pupils perceive the institutional expectation as far as building and gaining skills are concerned. See:

Liquete, Vincent. (2003). Presentation and analysis of "Supervised Personal Work in France" From technicist barriers to an opening up to pedagogy and education for information. In S. Zinn, G. Hart and E. Howe (Eds.) School libraries: Breaking down barriers (pp.99-110). Seattle: International Association of School Librarianship.

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