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“India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother

of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grandmother of tradition”.

-Mark Twain

Greetings from India to all! India is a beautiful and diverse country lying in south Asia. It has all kinds of physical features, from hill stations to plains to beaches and everything in between. India is a unique blend of traditional and modern, and is overflowing with culture. You can visit sights of historical importance or visit places of natural scenic beauty – there’s plenty for everyone. India is chock full of things to do and places to see, with 29 states having 22 major languages, over 720 dialects and more than 1.2 billion people!

S.A.S. Nagar or Mohali

S.A.S. Nagar is a city in Punjab lying adjacent to the capital of Punjab. Commonly known as Mohali, it is regarded as a commercial hub. Mohali is a part of the tri-city in Punjab and Haryana, which consists of Mohali (Punjab), Panchkula (Haryana) and Chandigarh (capital of both Punjab and Haryana). The tricity has a lot of attractions and some pretty interesting history. Places like Rock Garden and Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh are amazing man-made wonders. Mohali is also home to the tallest Minar in India. Punjab means ‘The land of five rivers’, but some rivers are in Pakistan, due to the division of Punjab during the Partition of India.

Our School

Learning Paths School

Learning Paths School is a CBSE affiliated co-educational school that uses a variety of teaching methodologies to cater to the varied needs of students. We aim to empower students to be responsible, independent thinkers and lifelong learners with the right attitude to be successful in today’s dynamic world.

We aspire to give our students the confidence to stand tall in the world, the strength of character to always be able to differentiate between the right and wrong and the wisdom to make the right choice, a way of conducting themselves that they may stand out amongst the people of the world and remain unique in their behaviour and mannerisms.

The right blend of confidence, character and conduct will enable them to be forceful participants in shaping India and world of tomorrow.

Learning Paths School awarded as “Best Emerging School-North” at India Education Awards.

A place where talents are encouraged and learning is not confined to textbooks! We have two club hours every Friday, when you follow your hobby or passion in the club of your choice! We have four houses, namely, Jal (water), Aakash (Sky), Prithvi (Earth) and Agni (Fire). Various inter-house quizzes are conducted throughout the year which makes learning fun. We also have many clubs:

1. Katha Club (Budding Authors Club). It focuses on writing skills.

2. Debater’s Club. It focuses on debating

3. Film-making Club. It is constituted by students who are interested in film-making.

4. Art and Craft club focuses on art.

5. Dance Club. You will find children dancing to beautiful songs.

6. Photography Club. It is filled up with budding photographers.

7. STEM. The club focuses on Science, Technology and Engineering.

8. Theatre Club. You can easily learn to make excuses. The club focuses on acting.

9. Robotics. How to make the monotonous creatures called ‘robots’ can be learned here.

Our library has books galore and inter-house competitions allow everyone to show what they’re good at! Here, all talents are encouraged, whether art, music, sports, dance or any other. Our school hosted the World Scholar’s Cup Chandigarh Round this year, an international event with schools from all over North India taking part! We also take part in SOF Olympiads and have obtained impressive positions at national and international levels. Here, you can read what we write as and when our creative juices flow! Happy Reading!

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Our Projects


Learning Paths School, Mohali is fulfilling the onus of all-round development of its students by introducing a host of clubs of creative activities as a part of the weekly time-table of every child. One such club is the Budding Authors' Club which endeavours to nurture the writing talent of its members.

The Budding Authors’ Club uses the principle of inculcating the beneficial habits of reading and writing in the growing children. The young learners teeming with energy and curiosity are provided with a creative anchor. The pursuit of reading and writing allows the harnessing and channelizing in the right direction, of this vast reservoir of inquisitiveness. A seasoned writer and trainer develop deep bonds of camaraderie and exerts a positive influence in the holistic development of a child, the effect of which is manifested in every aspect of the child’s life.


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