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Welcome to GiggleTown!

The GiggleCritters are mascots of the GiggleIT Project, so your students may want to include them in your locally published works, as students around the world did during GiggleIT’s first decade (read them here).


Choosing a Few GiggleCritters From Many

Your students have permission to use GiggleCritters on their personal work, but not for any other purpose or in any medium online or offline.  Emily Manck White created the GiggleCritters and holds their copyright; they are used in the GiggleIT Project with her permission.


Africa GiggleCritter (1)

Asia GiggleCritter (2)

Europe GiggleCritter (3)

Australia GiggleCritter (4)

Hip-Hop GiggleCritter (5)

Masked GiggleCritter (6)

GiggleCritter Clown (7)

Freezy GiggleCritter (8)

Computer GiggleCritter (9)


Down-Under GiggleCritter (10)

Rancher GiggleCritter (11)

Fishy GiggleCritter (12)

Smartie GiggleCritter (13)

  GiggleCritter Graduate (14)

Music GiggleCritter (15)

GiggleCritter Hiker (16)

Sizzling GiggleCritter (17)

Giggling GiggleCritter (18)

GiggleCritter Lion (19)

GiggleCritter Panda (20)

Basic GiggleCritter (21)

Reading GiggleCritter (22)


Safari GiggleCritter (23)

Snoozing GiggleCritter (24)

Sunglasses GiggleCritter (25)

Author GiggleCritter (26)


Jamaica GiggleCritter (27)

Texas GiggleCritter (28)

Qatari GiggleCritter (29)

Bali GiggleCritter (30)

Russia GiggleCritters (31)

Birthday GiggleCritter (32)

Europa GiggleCritter (33)

Email GiggleCritter (34)

Father Christmas
GiggleCritter (35)

GiggleBabies (36)

Viking GiggleCritter (37)

Netherlands GiggleCritter (38)

Japan GiggleCritter (39)

California GiggleCritter (40) 

Turkey GiggleCritter (41) 

Canada GiggleCritter (42)

Croatia GiggleCritter (43)

10Years GiggleCritter (44)

Choosing a few GiggleCritters from many?

If you want to use a few GiggleCritters to represent one class or your school on their GiggleIT Project work, try one of these ways to help your students narrow down their choices:

Display the 44 GiggleCritters electronically or as poster.

- Create an online poll, allowing each student 3-5 votes, or

- Use our printable Voting Form which gives each student 3 votes

Print and cut apart the 44 GiggleCritters and attach each to a small display or container.

- Give each student 3-5 voting tokens (sticky-notes, pebbles, etc.) to place with their favorite GiggleCritters

Count up the votes. If there’s a tie between 2 GiggleCritters, students can vote on a new poll question or by show of hands.

GiggleCritter voting form [
Word document | PDF

GiggleCritter tally sheet [Word document | PDF

The GiggleCritters were created by Emily Manck White who holds their copyright and are used on the IASL GiggleIT Project with her permission.

As a collaborative Project between educators and students around the world, the GiggleIT Project operates under a Creative Commons license which allows everyone to share ideas and resources while still recognizing the work done by the original authors.

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