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IASL Procedures & Guidelines (Handbook of Organization)

Procedures: Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) may be organized by the Executive Committee to represent any major areas and professional interests that lie within the objectives of the Association. The main purpose of the SIG is to develop a forum for discussion and sharing of ideas, information, and implementation strategies related to this unique area of interest. The interests must be international, and have important impacts, ramifications and relationships to school librarianship. The issues must be sustained over time, and must not be just related to one cultural or geographical content.

New SIGs may be established by the Executive Committee, upon interest shown by a group of members, in a particular topic or issue not already covered in an existing SIG. A SIG may be dissolved by the Executive Committee.


  • Each SIG will have a coordinator named by the President to act as a moderator for the group and as liaison to the Vice-President --Association Relations, the term for the Coordinator and the Associate Coordinator shall be two (2) years, and the appointments should be staggered, to allow for continuity of leadership. Terms may be renewable.
  • The coordinator shall be responsible for maintaining communication with those IASL members who have shown interest in the group.
  • The coordinators shall develop a network of similar or related groups in other organizations that could provide useful information and support to this SIG, and shall encourage the sharing of information among the groups.
  • The coordinator shall be responsible for organizing Conference-related activities such as workshops, presentations, meetings, dinners, and publicity as is appropriate to the needs of the Group. This organization shall be done in collaboration with the Conference Planning and Management Committee. Where appropriate the coordinators may arrange to have sub¬≠groups of the SIG meet at conferences, workshops or seminars, of related associations to raise the visibility of IASL.
  • The coordinator will be expected to keep the general membership appraised on a regular basis of the working of the SIG.
  • The coordinator of the group shall be responsible for preparing an annual report in advance of the conference.
  • The coordinator shall be charged to see that no activities involving IASL funding shall be undertaken without the prior approval of the Executive Committee.
  • The coordinator will be responsible for contributing whatever material is appropriate to the Secretariat for archival purposes.

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