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IASL Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

General Information

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) give members with similar and particular professional interests in school librarianship the opportunity to exchange ideas and be informed about current developments in an area of topical interest.

Through the SIGs, members have a topical forum for coordinating efforts and sharing practical and theoretical knowledge, discussing and debating professional experiences and issues, sharing information resources to support their professional endeavours, and sharing, developing and implementing strategies at local, national, and international levels.

Membership of a SIG is only open to IASL members.

Members should consider participating in at least one group. Involvement in about three groups is a suggested limit for all except those who have enormous time and energy. It is better to be active in a few groups rather than be a lurker in many.

The SIGs provide an important basis for ongoing discussions throughout the year. The IASL Annual Conferences will further provide opportunities for SIGs to meet on a personal basis. Members of each SIG will contribute to organising conference-related activities such as workshops and presentations and other meetings. To this end, meetings of SIGs will be scheduled as part of each IASL Conference. This is an important opportunity for members of SIGs to meet face-to-face, and to put plans and ideas together for the forthcoming year.

Current SIGs

The Special Interest Groups are as follows. Each SIG web page has the contact details of the Coordinator and a brief description of the SIG's activities:

How to Indicate Interest in a SIG

Your IASL membership profile shows the SIGs for which you have indicated interest. If you want to remove or add a SIG, or if you are a new IASL member, please email and indicate which SIG(s) you want to add or remove. Your SIG interests will then be updated and appear in your profile.

Additional Resources

See Bylaws Article 7:
See Procedures: Special Interest Groups

The contact person for questions and comments regarding SIGs is:

Albert Boekhortst

VP, Association Relations
Brasil, Netherlands

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