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Through our window - the colors of our land

What are the colors of your world? What can you see through your window? How do you feel when you look through your window?

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Colors of Kenya #1
Colors of My World:

 The World Smiles
The World Smiles

 Colors of the world
Colors of the World
 My Flag Colors
My Flag Colors

Our Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

A classic story retold in the Kenyan tradition. If Snow White lived in your town, region, or country, what would she be called? What names would you give to each of the seven dwarfs to reflect your culture? Students at Kilimo Primary School introduce their Snow White with her Seven Dwarfs.

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 Snow White #1

In our community we would call Snow White Nyamoita
because she is beautiful and talented.

The seven dwarfs would be named as:
  • Mageto - He is talkative.
  • Ochoki - He is always quiet.
  • Monglare - He is always funny and entertaining.
  • Masese - He likes dogs (e-sese) and other animals.
  • Makori - He makes fun of people and likes laughing.
  • Ong'ong'a - He is considerate.
  • Nyanglau - He is kind and hardworking.
Compiled by: LMN, ANO, ANT, DMO, PBO, SMM, JWM
 Snow White #2

Our group named Snow White as Njeri, which means, the most beautiful girl in Kikuyu Land.

We named the seven dwarfs:

  • Njogu - The strongest man.
  • Kigondu - He is the most intelligent and fearful.
  • Wang'ombe - Cattle herder
  • Gakenia - A person who is always happy.
  • Kuria - A person who likes crying.
  • Gitonga - A rich person.
  • Wainaina - One who likes singing.

Compiled by: IEM, JNK, MW, SN, SS


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