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Kingaroy State School
Grades 5/6/7 C (Students with Disability class)
Queensland, Australia

Our GiggleCritters

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Our Class

Our class has 3 grades: grade 5, grade 6, and grade 7. There are 7 students in our class, 3 boys and 5 girls. We have 2 Teachers:  Mrs Carige (Monday to Thursday) and Mr Harrison (Friday).  We also, have Mrs Kelly and Mrs Forbes (our Teacher Aides) who come and help us too.

At our school we learn: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Drama, Art, HPE, Life Skills, Boys Stuff and Girls Stuff, Music, Design Technology, Computers, and Library.

Our School

Started in: 1902    Number of Students: 539

Kingaroy State School, Queensland, Australia Australia

Our Town

Kingaroy is an agricultural town in the State of Queensland.  It has a population of 7,620. Kingaroy is the Peanut Capital of Australia.  The industries that support the community include: farming, meatworks, power station, and peanut factory.  It is 108 years old.


Population: 22, 678, 444
Land Mass: 7,617,930 hectares
6 States and 2 Territories
We live in Queensland, about 3 and a half hours drive from Brisbane.  In Australia, we have rainforests, deserts, snow and cities.  Lots of animals are only found in Australia, like koalas and kangaroos.

Our Projects

Trickster Tale: Bilby and the Snake

 Illustrator: WH (Grade 6)

Once upon a time, there lived a Bilby who went by the name of Bob. 

He lived near Uluru, in the desert.

Illustrator: WH (Grade 6)
 Illustrator: RH (Grade 7)  

One day he was out catching bugs to eat.

Illustrator: RH (Grade 7)

 Illustrator: NC (Grade 7)  

All of a sudden, he heard a hissing sound.

“Would you like to come to my home for tea, Mr. Snake?” asked Bob. 

“I would loooooove to come.” hissed Mr. Snake, with sneaky eyes.

Bob had an idea.

Illustrator: NC (Grade 7)

 Illustrator: HC (Grade 5)  

I’m going to play a game with Mr. Snake, thought Bob with a smile.

“You go down this tunnel while I go and get the tea”, added Bob, pointing to the hole to his right.

Illustrator: HC (Grade 5)

 Illustrator: NA (Grade 7)  

As Mr. Snake slithered down the tunnel it began to get smaller and smaller as the tunnel spiraled downward.

Illustrator: NA (Grade 7)

 Illustrator: TB (Grade 7)  

“Oh No! I have been tricked”, cried Mr. Snake.
He tried to wriggle backwards but the tunnel gave way.  And that was the end of Mr. Snake.

Illustrator: TB (Grade 7)

 Illustrator: BW (Grade 5)  

Bob smiled. 

Silly Mr. Snake (he should have known that Bilbies are the Masters in Trickery), thought Bob.

Illustrator: BW (Grade 5)



There once was a goat named Bert
Who loved to roll in the dirt.
His best friend was Daisy
She thought Bert was very lazy,
So she gave him a yellow skirt.

by NA


There once was a man named Bob
Who didn’t have a very good job.
He did not get his pay
It wasn’t a very good day,
So all he had that night was a corn cob.

by NC

There once was a boy named Tyson,
Who wanted to play with Jason.
They were so funny,
When they played with a bunny
And Tate joined in with a bison.

There once was a woman named Di
Who always ate pie                            
Apple was the best
It had an awesome zest
“I love it”, she sighed

by WH


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