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Gitto and the Three Koalas
By Cameron, Maddison, Max, & Alex, Yr. 6

One stinkin’ hot Aussie day, Gitto was trekking through the scrub when she came upon a huge Red Kangaroo that hopped past an old shack surrounded by gum trees.

The shack was a beauty. It was surrounded by bush and wildlife. It had a Barbie out the back with kookas swarming around it like a bunch of magpies. Gitto turned around and saw three little koalas leaving the shack, so she walked inside.

She walked into the kitchen and saw three vegemite sandwiches and three Schooners of Coopers Pale Ale. The first drink was too flat. She walked to the next drink and took a sip, but it was too bitter. She then walked over to the last drink and it was perfect, so she took an Aussie gulp.

Gitto walked over to the three rockers. She sat in the first one; it was too speedy. She walked to the next one; it was too squeaky so she walked to the last one and it was perfect, but a few seconds later the rocker broke and smashed to pieces.

As the koalas were coming back through the scrub, tired from playing a game of Twenty 20, they arrived at the house, walked into the kitchen and saw that someone had been drinking and eating their morning tea.

“Hey someone’s been eating my morning tea,” growled daddy koala.
“Someone’s been eating mine too!!” said mummy koala.
“Well someone’s been eating mine and they ate every single bit of it!” cried baby koala.

The koalas could hear snoring coming from up stairs. They walked up stairs and found Gitto snoozing in baby koala’s bed!

Daddy koala yelled out “GET OUT OF OUR SHACK!!!!” Gitto quickly got up, ran out of the shack and was never to be seen again.

Story Glossary: Words you may not understand

  • Aussie: Australian
  • Trekking: walking
  • Scrub: bush
  • Shack: hut
  • Beauty: beautiful
  • Barbie: bar-b-que – outside appliance to cook food on
  • Schooners of Pale Ale Coopers: type of beer drink
  • Rockers: rocking chair
  • Twenty 20: t cricket 

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