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Educator Instructions: Support for the Idea 

  1. First, you need to discuss the Project with your Principal and Head of English Department. Remember to take copies of all documentation and information about the project and IASL with you to this initial meeting. Write a one-page summary about the project to leave with both parties. Here is an example [PDF file].

  2. Be sure to highlight that GiggleIT is completely free of charge and that your students’ work will be seen by readers around the world. Consider whether student activity for GiggleIT will take place in the classroom with you as consultant, in the library with teacher, or a combination of locations.

  3. Once you have official approval to conduct the Project, you will need to organize professional development for the teacher(s) who will be working with you. Make this a social event with beverages and snacks, since working with the teacher-librarian should always be seen as a pleasant experience.

  4. In these busy times, teachers may be reluctant to take on a “new” project, so your collaboration strategy might be to use an existing curricular unit on poetry or local history as a starting point, pointing out that your students’ works (and school name) would be shared with a global audience, rather than just teacher and parents.

  5. Give the teachers a copy of the one-page handout, plus a short hands-on tutorial to get them engaged. Here is an example [PDF file]. Showing current GiggleIT school and class pages is a great way to show how your students work would be showcased, so bookmark a few favorites in advance.

Points that might require extra explanation include:

  • TL Role & Teacher Role.

Use the Resources provided to help get your project started.

Pre-Project Checklist [PDF file]

Visit the Student Outcomes Page -->>>


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