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Thailand FlagThailand
Sawasdee Ka!
Thailand, also known as the land of smiles, is a big country located in Southeast Asia with a population of 66,000,000 people and its neighboring countries are Malaysia, Burma, Laos, and Cambodia.
Thailand is best known for its spicy food such as Tom Yum Koong & Somtam, its temples and beautiful beaches.
Some of the most visited places in Thailand are Bangkok (the capital of Thailand), Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Koh Samui, and Phuket.


ThailandOur city is called Phuket. Phuket is located in central Thailand and is an island.

The population of Phuket is 314,000 people. Phuket is famous for its wonderful beaches and its tourism.

Phuket celebrates lots of festivals such as Song Kran, the Vegetarian festival, Loy Kratong and many more. Song Kran is special because it has won a Guiness World Record for being the biggest water fight. Song Kran involves people on the streets throwing water at each other; people also stand on the back of pickup trucks and throw water on everyone. All of these festivals are lots of fun and are celebrated all over Thailand.

Phuket is special for its culture, food, fruits and its beaches. Phuket also has a wonderful mix of modern and traditional things mixed together. This is a photo of the biggest temple in Phuket called Wat Chalong.

Our school

ThailandThe name of our school is The British International School Phuket and it is located in Koh Kaew near Phuket Town.

There are approximately 950 students in our school who are aged between 18 months and 18 years old. There are over 100 teachers teaching in our school.

Our school has good facilities like a school shop, many football pitches and two swimming pools and the cafeteria has food from all around the world which is exquisite. During the year we have a sports day and a football tournament; we also go to different countries to do an all round sports trip called FOBISSEA. Our school is special because the people in the school represent many different nationalities and many different cultures.

The classes working on the GiggleIT project are from across the school:

Our Projects


Panda GiggleCritter Whiz Kid GiggleCritterRockin GiggleCritter
5SB Gigglecritter selection

5SB's Jokes 


Father snake and his son were going for a slither in the jungle. All of a sudden, the little snake stopped.
“Dad,” he said.
“Yes, son?”
“Dad, are we the deadly poisonous biting sort of snake, or the grabbing, squeezing type?”
“The grabbing, squeezing of course,” the father replied.
“Phew!” said the little snake, “that’s a relief.”
“Why do you say that son?”
“I’ve bitten my lip!”

by Kayleen

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Luke who?
Luke through the keyhole and you’ll see!

by Jina

Q: What do you call a fairy who hasn’t taken a bath?
A: Stinkerbell!

Q: What did the ghost teacher say to her pupils?
A: Now look at the board while I go through it again.

by Angela

Q: What is the difference between roast beef and pea soup?
A: You can roast beef but you can’t pee soup.

by Hikari and Beau

Q: How do you stop a skunk from smelling?
A: By holding its nose!

by Alex and Ben

Q: Why is it easy to trap Spongebob?
A:He’s always cornered.

by Oli

Q: Why did the man wear two shirts to play golf?
A: In case he got a hole in one.

by Joo Yeob

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Watson who?
Watson your head?

Big polar bear and a little polar bear were walking across the ice cap. The wind was blowing hard. It was very, very cold.
“Dad,” said the little polar bear.
“Yes, son?”
“Dad, are you a polar bear?”
“Yes, son!”
“And is Mum a polar bear?”
“Yes, son.”
“So am I a polar bear?”
“Of course you are, son – why do you ask?”
“’Cos I’m freezing!”

by Unn

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Lion GiggleCritter Wiz Kid GiggleCritter Freezy GiggleCritter
5RM Gigllecritter selection

Q: What kind of phone does the ocean have?
A: shell-phone!

by Kaowfang

Q: What type of animal needs oil?
A: mouse because it squeaks!

by Bam

Q: Why did the man throw his watch at the window?
A: He wanted to see time fly!

by Win

Q: What do you call the mall that an astronaut explores on?
A: Central of the Galaxy

by Care

Q: Why do birds fly south in winter?
A: It’s too far to walk!

by Mothong

Q: Why isn’t Dracula invited to any parties?
A: Because he’s a pain in the neck!

by Russell

Q: What was the tow truck doing at the race track?
A: Trying to pull a fast one.

by Polina

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Irish stew.
Irish stew who?
Irish stew in the name of the law!

by Peow

Q: What do you get when you cross a judge with poison ivy?
A: Rash decisions!

by Petra

Q: Why can’t executioners learn French?
A: Because they know no merci.

by Claudia

Q: Why did the boy bring the ladder to school?
A: He wanted to climb the wall....Wrong! Because it was a high school.


Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Orange who
Oran ge you glad I didn’t call you banana?

by Natascha

Q: What’s a frog’s favourite music?
A: Hip hop!

by Maisie

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
A tish.
A tish who?
Bless you!

by Charlie

Q: What do you get if you cross a flea with a rabbit?
A: Bugsbunny!

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Your stinky underwear!

by Josh

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Snoozing GiggleCritter Babies GiggleCritter Rockin GiggleCritter
6HG Gigglecritter selection

Read our tongue twisters
Hear our tongue twisters

by Leon
Who’s callin’?
What’s your name?
Watts my name!
Yes, what’s your name?
My name is John Watt
John Watt?
Alright, are you Jones?
No I’m Knott!
Will you tell me your name?
Will Knott.
Why not?
My name is Knott!
Not what?
Not Watt; Knott!

Christina - She sells sea shells on the sea shore (repeat)

Jennifer - Chill, shake, save (repeat)

Kenney - Fem flade flødeboller på et flødebollefad. (Danish)
Five flat cream puffs on a cream puff tray

Beckie - Khrai khaai khai gai. (Thai)
Who sells chicken eggs?

Gift - Chao faad phad fag; yen faad fag phad. (Thai)
Morning, eating stir fried cucumber; evening eating stir fried cucumber.

Bam - Chaam khiao khwaam chao; chaam khaao khwam kham. (Thai)
The green bowl is turned down in the morning; The white bowl is turned down in the evening.

Melanie - Ranong, Rayong, Yala (Thai)
Ranong, Rayong and Yala are all names of cities in Thailand

Kawinna - kin-mun-tid-ngeuk kin-peuk-tid-fun kin-tang-mun-kin-tang-peuk tid-tang-ngeuk-tid-tang-fun (Thai)
Eating yam it sticks on your gum, eating taro it sticks on your teeth, eating both yam and taro they stick on both gum and teeth.

Elmy - I saw Susie sitting in a shoe shine shop. Where she sits she shines and where she shines she sits.

Jeremy - Jerked beef (repeat)

Peter - How can a clam in a clean cream can?

Ben - One-one was a race horse, Two-two was one too, One-one won one race, Two-two won one too.

New - Yak yai lai yak lek; yak lek lai yak yai. (Thai)
A big demon chased a small demon; a small demon chased a big demon.

Red pajamas, green pajamas, brown pajamas


Clown GiggleCritter Babies GiggleCritter Rockin GiggleCritter
6MW Gigglecritter selection

Read our tongue twisters
Hear our tongue twisters

Jakk - I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

Lea - Les chausettes de l’ archiduchesse sont sèches, Archi-sèches! (French)
The archi-duchess’ socks are dry; Archi-dry!

Jenny - Black bug bit a big black bear. But where is the big black bear that the big black bug bit?

Liam - Red lolly, yellow lolly, red lolly, yellow lolly!

Sara - ngu kin nuu jon ngu ngong nguai (Thai)
The snake eats the mouse until the snake is confused.

Alexandria - I saw Susie sitting in a shoe shine shop. Where she sits she shines and where she shines she sits.

Blaze - Saw bona sobona sawbona. (Zulu)
Sour lemon, sour lemon.

Pumi - Gluai taa nii plaai wii hiao, hiu wii pai hiu wii maa luea wii diao. (Thai)
Bunches of bananas with drying tips are carried to and fro for a day; then only one comb is left.

Jaah - Yak yai lai yak lek; yak lek lai yak yai. (Thai)
A big demon chased a small demon; a small demon chased a big demon.

Tim - Bei Leid lieh stets Heil die Lieb'. (German)
When suffering, love is comfort.

Michelle -
When eating grapes don't spit out the skin, when not eating grapes spit out the skin.

Sunny -
The teacher is 44, isn't he?


Hip Hop GiggleCritter Babies GiggleCritter Sizzling GiggleCritter

6KM Gigglecritter selection

Read our tongue twisters
Hear our tongue twisters

Nudee - If your Bob doesn’t give our Bob that bob that your Bob owes our Bob our Bob will give your Bob a bob in the eye.

Tran - Red cans, black cans (repeat 5 times quickly)

Aleena - Peter Pater (repeat 5 times quickly)

Rebecca and Eloise - She sells sea shells on the sea shore (repeat 5 times quickly)

Shania - Droskkusken Max kuskar med fuxar och fuskar med droskkusktaxan. (Swedish)
Horse cab driver Max is driving with chestnuts and cheats on the cab fee.

Kim - Red lorry, yellow lorry (repeat 5 times quickly)

Charlotte - Yellow lorry, red lorry (repeat 5 times quickly)

Alize -
Greka rode across a river. Greka saw a crab in the river. Greka put his hand in the river. The crab bit the hand of Greka !– DAC!

Syahirah - Peter Piper picked a pickle pepper off a pickle pepper tree. If Peter Piper picked a pickle pepper, how many pickle peppers did Peter Piper pick?

William -
Grapes do not spit grape skins, Spit grape skins are not grapes.

Kla - Yak yai lai yak lek; yak lek lai yak yai. (Thai)
A big demon chased a small demon, a small demon chased a big demon.

Knink - Hen thahaan baeg puen boeg puun bai boog dueg. (Thai)
I saw a soldier with a gun but he took out clay to build a building.


Masked GiggleCritter Sizzling GiggleCritter Rockin GiggleCritter
6ML Gigglecritter selection

Read our tongue twisters
Hear our tongue twisters

Christina - One-one was a race horse, Two-two was one too, One-one won one race, Two-two won one too.

Ian - Tiger toilets tickle tigers, tigers tails tickle tigers’ tiger toilets.

Angus - Ten twisting twisters twisting towards town.

Hudson - How can a clam cram in a clean cream can?

Mysha - A Chinese child ate Cheddar cheese (repeat)

Ivetta -
Sasha walked down the highway and sucked on a round, dry cracker.

Mads - Red blue green (repeat)

Chris - If your Bob doesn’t give our Bob that bob that your Bob owes. Our Bob will give your Bob a bob in the eye.

Lea - A cook had a book and a book had a cork and a cork had a dork and a dork had a fork which had a piece of pork.

Rachel -
When you eat grapes don't spit out the skin, when you don’t eat grapes spit out the skin.

Risa - How can a clam cram in a clean clam can?

Ben - Ya yoo yang yak (Thai)
Be self-sufficient.

Jana -
Greka rode over a river. Greka saw a crab in the river. Greka dipped his hand in the river. The crab bit the hand of Greka!

View - Tahan bak pun purk pon pi pok tuk (Thai)
See soldiers carrying guns drawn to hit cement building.

John - Yaiy gin lumyai nam laiy yaiy lai yoy (Thai)
Gran eats lumyai (Thai fruit) and Gran’s spit runs down.

Kiara - Mbuzi hali nazi kwa vile hawezi kupanda ngazi ndipo azifikie nazi. (Swahili)
A goat cannot eat coconut because it cannot climb up a ladder to reach the coconuts up in the coconut tree.


Asia GiggleCritter Panda GiggleCritter Sizzling GiggleCritter
Y8Taffe&Venus Gigglecritter selection

A Joke from Phuket

A man took his dog to the vet. The vet then picked the dog up and had a check. All of a sudden the vet said, "I’m going to put your dog down." The man siad "WHAT?!!" The vet then said, "I’m sorry he’s too heavy."

Explanation: In Phuket there are loads of stray dogs and a lot of them have no place to go so sadly some get put down. The joke here is, the vet wants to put the dog down not to kill it, but because, the dog is too heavy!

by Romany and Siska

Acrostic Poems about Phuket and Thailand


P rovince of Thailand
H ot climate
U nder the sea
K ind hearted people
E lephant feeding
T hai dance


T op of the world
eadless Buddha
A mazing Ayutthaya
I nner touch of Thai culture
L ove the King
A n unforgettable place
N ew development
D eep down in history

Ayutthaya, it’s a historical place in central Thailand. It used to be the capital city of Thailand.  There are a lot of temples and statue of Buddha, but sadly the Buddha’s head got cut off by the Burmese warriors during the war.

Buddha, a statue of a monk (Religious person in Thailand)

by Khemika and Melody


P Pleasant
H Heaven
U Unbelievable
K Kind
E Exotic
T Tempting

by Romany and Siska


P ineapple rice
H olidaying people
U npredictable Excitement
K ey to the word Fun
E co-friendly island
T racking the Vegetarian Festival Parade

by Demi


T he most gorgeous place in the world
H ello and smiles everywhere
A mazing
I ncredible views
L ove and caring people
A wesome beaches
N ice traditional food
D ancing in a Thai way

by Jackson


Hip Hop GiggleCritter Rockin GiggleCritter Giggling GiggleCritter

Y7Hughes Gigglecritter selection

Shape Poems

Year 7 Hughes have been working on creating shape poetry. At camp they were influenced by their environment. Click on links to their shape poetry Prezis.

Clown Fish by Victoria

Jelly Fish by Alexandra

Jelly Fish by Max

Great Sea Urchin by Danacha - faulty link

Star Fish by Meg

Jelly Fish by Matthew

Black Fin Tuna by Raymond

Mangrove Tree by Brendan


Year 7 Hughes have been working on creating Haiku. Click on links to their Haiku Prezis.

Tree by Kevin

The Sea by Philip


Freezy GiggleCritter Rockin GiggleCritter Asia GiggleCritter
Y9Aslin Gigglecritter selection


Freezy GiggleCritter Aussie GiggleCritter Panda GiggleCritter
Y9Aslin Gigglecritter selection

Photos and captions

This is an indication of what we perceive as typical Thai humour…enjoy!

Reading is better when I lie down...... with my eyes closed. by Jack

I  am reading with all my friends.
by Arnon

Is this a Best Seller?? by Arnon


Asia GiggleCritter Panda GiggleCritter Sizzling GiggleCritter
Y9Aslin Gigglecritter selection

Free Verse with Images

The colours of the boat entrancing you in the possibilities to come.

The colour bounces off the surface of the benches, almost blinding.

by Josie

Ever so brightly the sun reflected itself amongst the tender waves of the breezy sea like a naive child wondering at beams of flashlight reflected from a mirror.

by Apiwat

The blue sky looked like it was bathing in spiritual smoke.

by Anna

The orange of the sky was so intense it was going to set the trees on fire.

by Emilie


Asia GiggleCritter Clown GiggleCritter Snoozy GiggleCritter
Gigglecritter selection

Class Introduction

We are a small class of girls who are learning English. We speak Korean and Thai very well but are still working on our English. We have made some poems about the community service program we do at school. Sometimes we work with poor children, children who have no parents, or we help with the environment like gardening and beach clean-up. I hope you like them.

Acrostic Poems


G reen
A nts
R oots
D irt
E xciting
N ature

by Jam


G reen
A nd hot
R oots
D irty hands
E xciting
N o worries

by Woo Syn


B each
E xcitement
A t school
C lean up
H elpful students

by Fai


L ove
E veryone
A dore
D iscuss
E njoy
R elate
S mile

by Bora

Asia GiggleCritter Sizzling GiggleCritterPanda GiggleCritter
Y9Aslin Gigglecritter selection


We are Wiranda, Pamela and Veenakorn
We took Ms Fashion Book for around our school, some funny things happened…

The fashion can see through the heart which means that "We love fashion"

The model is holding this book with love, and he is also addicted to it! He doesn’t even want to let it to be away from him! Because he is in love with that book!

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