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Donges Bay Elementary School

Wisconsin, USA

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Our Class 

Some of the things we like to do in our free time include, playing on a trampoline, going hunting, going camping and we have lots of cool places in our state to do that, swim in any of our thousands of lakes in our state, play video games, play sports and participate in after school theater. We live in an area that has all four seasons, so we get lots of snow in the winter and have really warm summers.

We want to know if you read from left to right ? We read from left to right . Also, do you speak more than one language at your school? We mostly speak English, but some kids speak a second language at home.

(Mrs. Figg’s Class)

Our School

Donges Bay Elementary School  Dodges Bay Elementary School

We have 27 kids in our class and our teacher is Ms. Figg. We are known as “The Figglet’s” in our school.

Donges Bay School has about 500 students and both boys and girls attend this school. In our school we have math, reading, science, music, art, gym and also social studies where we learn about our state. We also get to have a library class and check out books, and learn how to do things on the computer. Our school district was recently voted the number 1 district in the state. We are very proud of that!

Our school and city are located near the shores of Lake Michigan which is one of the Great Lakes. Wisconsin is located in the center of the United States, but we are almost completely surrounded by water on three sides with Lake Superior on the north and the huge Mississippi River on the west and Lake Michigan on our eastern border.

Our Town

Our state is home to the famous Green Bay Packer professional football (not soccer) team located in Green Bay WI.

Our Projects

Our Fortunate–Unfortunate Story of Traveling Throughout Wisconsin, USA
by “The Figglets” (Ms. Figg’s 4th Grade Class)
Fortunately, our class was going on a field trip to many regions of Wisconsin, USA.
Unfortunately, the bus broke down at our first stop, Lake Geneva.
Fortunately, while we were in Lake Geneva, we were able to compete in the Winterfest snow and ice sculpture competition.
Unfortunately, our snow sculpture fell on the judges… and we were asked to leave
Fortunately, when we visited Madison, the state capital, our class was able to tour the University of Wisconsin and to visit Lake Monona.
Unfortunately, some of our class fell in and were wet for the rest of the day as we visited Camp Randall where Civil War soldiers lived.
Fortunately, we got to visit the Capitol Building and see where the governor works.
Unfortunately, we ran up the steps… and were asked to leave the building.
Fortunately, when we visited Milwaukee, we got to go the Milwaukee Brewers professional baseball game and eat bratwurst.
Unfortunately, some of the kids got sick so we headed to Discovery World Museum where they had to lay on the bed of nails before we could continue.
Fortunately, at Bradford Beach we got to play in the sand and build sand castles, fly kites and play volleyball.
Unfortunately, while we were eating lunch, a seagull attacked us!
Fortunately, we got to go to Kopp’s Custard Stand and get dessert.
Unfortunately, all they had left was broccoli-flavored frozen custard.
Fortunately, when we visited Ozaukee County where we live, we rode our bikes on the InterUrban trail that is over 30 miles long throughout the county.
Unfortunately, some of the kids got flat tires and had to push their bikes for miles over bridges, up and down hills and through cornfields.
Fortunately, when we arrived near Lake Winnebago, we were able to boat through the Fox River into Lake Winnebago, the largest lake in the state. 
Unfortunately, our boat sank and we had to swim to shore!
Fortunately, when we visited Green Bay, we went to a Packers game with front-row seats, wear our cheeseheads, and got a free football stadium tour with the team’s well-known quarterback Aaron Rodgers as our tour guide.
Unfortunately, he got hurt while he was practicing, so Clay Matthews gave us the tour instead and let us run wild in Lambeau Field…we were asked to leave.
Fortunately, when we visited Door County we got to visit Peninsula State Park, one of 24 state parks in the state of Wisconsin.
Unfortunately, part of our class got stuck at the top of the tower that overlooks Lake Michigan which made us late for the outdoor drive-in movie theatre.
Fortunately, we got to go to a restaurant that has goats on the roof on the way in Sister Bay.
Unfortunately, one of the goats got down off the roof and started chasing us…we were asked to leave.
Fortunately, when we visited Blue Mound State Park, the tour guide brought us down to the Blue Mound Cave.
Unfortunately, the tour guide went outside to get his flashlight and forgot to come back - we got stuck in the underground cavern for over four hours!
Fortunately, we got exercise running down the sand dunes at Kohler-Andrae State Park that is located on Lake Michigan.
Unfortunately, while exercising on the dunes, some raccoons ate all of our food at our campsite.
Fortunately, when we visited Manitowoc on the Lake Michigan shoreline, we got to stay in a World War II submarine overnight at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum.
Unfortunately, it started moving with us on board!
Fortunately, we made it back to Donges Bay School without any major injuries.
Unfortunately, we were late and our parents were worried. 
But it was a great trip throughout Eastern Wisconsin in the USA!
Words to know:
Bradford Beach = popular beach on Lake Michigan.
Bratwurst = a hot dog shaped sausage that came from Germany. Many of the people who live in our area are from Germany.
Cheesehead = a yellow foam hat that looks like a slab of cheese. Wisconsin is very well known for its cheese.
Civil War = a war between the northern states and the southern states in the 1860s.  The North won and abolished slavery.
Football (American) = An American sport with 11 players on each team, played with an oval-shaped leather ball. Each team has a different jersey shirt or uniform. Players can use their hands for throwing or carrying the ball and their feet for running or punting (kicking the ball to give it to the other team or trying to score a field goal.) Every time a player runs the ball past the goal posts, his team gets 6 points, with a 1 point after-score kick. Every time they make a field goal kick over the goal posts, that team scores 3 points. The whole goal of the game is to have the most points when the time on the clock runs out. (by M.)
Green Bay Packers = our 13-time world champion National Football League team, more than any other team!
Kopps Custard Shop = Famous Milwaukee frozen custard shop.
Lambeau Field = the football field that the Green Bay Packers professional American football team plays on.  Named for Curly Lambeau, a very famous player and founding coach of the team in 1919.
Milwaukee Brewers = our National League baseball team.
Seagull = a large, common, usually gray and white bird that lives near the ocean or lake
Inspired by Remy Charlip’s book Fortunately (New York, Simon & Schuster, 1964).
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