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Brighton Catholic Primary School

Western Australia, Australia

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Information about Brighton Catholic Primary School, our class (year 6), Perth and Australia

Our great country, Australia, is a multicultural place where many different people from all over the world come to live. Australia is influenced by the cultures of its many immigrants and its original inhabitants, the Aborigines. Australia is known as a very dry continent, where droughts are commonplace and rainfall is scarce. However, it is also is quite a wealthy country, with many large companies and banks fuelling the economy.

Australia is a hidden gem.

Perth, Western Australia is where we call home. It is the capital of the state, nicknamed “The City of Lights.” There are many great things to see and do in Perth, such as the Perth Wheel, Bell Tower, Kings Park, Araluen Botanic Gardens and exciting festivals. Despite being the most isolated city in the world, Perth is a wonderful place to live with multitudes of friendly neighbourhoods and suburbs. Metropolitan living has never been better.

Brighton Catholic Primary is an ever growing school where its motto, “Be Faithful”, is actively displayed by the students and staff. The Butler based school was founded in 2004 on the grounds of Irene McCormack Catholic College, with only a handful of students. Now, in 2010, it is on its own grounds and caters to 290 students. The school is still being built - we await our new library and sports shed with bated breath.

Our Year 6 class comprises 25 students, 12 boys and 13 girls. We are the leaders of the school and have many different roles to play. Being a small class, we know each other well. Our class excels in academics, the arts and sport. We enter various competitions, using our enthusiasm, confidence and experience as a competitive edge. But above everything else we love to laugh and have fun together. We are all great friends!

Our Projects

 The Land of Oz - Poem by Jeremiah

Shrimps on the barbie on a Sunday arvo,
Gulpin’ amber in the back of Bourke.
All is well in the land down under,
Listenin’ to bogans like Men At Work.

Cackle berry muffin, kangaroo meat,
flip flops, beach bums, smelly bare feet.

Hiking in the Sandy with green back pack,
Surfing in the Manly (just please don’t stack!),
Calling up a handy to fix that crack,
Life’s a little wacko in the land of Oz.

Giving flies the Aussie in the great outback,
Playing with the nippers (they’re really rapt!)
Commodore wagons, Croco Dundee,
Worthington, Kylie, AC/DC.

Do a little bizzo with the old boss cocky,
Give your mate a shout and watch a game o’ hockey.
Running up the Ayer’s now that’s plain rocky,
life’s a little queer in the land of Oz.

Lots o’ people come from around the earth,
Movin’ into houses that’s bargain buy.
Cultures everywhere give colour and girth,
buying curry or some sushi from the Asian guy.

Austrian waltz, hip-hop, Glee,
Tap dance, Irish dance, corroboree.

An oasis in the Southern, now that’s Australia,
With top of range doctors to cure what ail’s ya,
The people over there will never really fail ya,
Say g’day in the land of OZ!
 Australia - Poems by Stirling

The glossy, shiny liquid
That makes everyone fall to their knees.
A privilege to have, to hold.
To know that it is near.
The wet, luxurious feeling when you drip the gloss from your hand.
And when you let it go, there is nothing left at all.
To wash it across your face,
For it to drip until no longer there.
Whether it’s been a splash on your arm,
Or a rope of wet
You know, that night, you’ll sleep snug in your sheets.

An Aussie Christmas consists of many different things;
A not-so medium rare piece of beef.
Half dead ferns being dug up by the Labrador.
Susie, Mark and Christie knocking down the neighbour’s fence.
The baby squeezing glitter glue in the fish pond.
Molly tearing up the paperwork.
Uncle Matt fixing the fence with a skipping rope.
Chocolate pudding making an early entrance.
Liam spots a gal in the corner shop,
And drives the 4-wheel junk to chase.
All six families go racing after him till 4 pm.
They all return home and crash on the sofa,
hoping the same thing doesn’t happen again.
 Afro by Stirling K
Afro by Stirling K
 Ballerina by Emma
Ballerina by Emma
Leprechaun by Joe E 
Leprechaun by Joe E
Queen by Isabella
Queen by Isabella
Snow Whitter by Sara B
Snow Whitter by Sara B
Vilissa by Phoebe
Vilissa by Phoebe

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