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Information about Western Australia, Perth, Carine Senior High School and our class from Year 8 students

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Our Country

Western Australia

We live in the enormous state of Western Australia, it is by far the largest state of Australia. Out of Australia’s population of approximately 21 million, only about 11/2 million people live in WA, so sometimes we feel quite isolated. There is lots of desert between us and the other side of Australia. It is often referred to as The Outback. The amazing state of Western Australia has many attractions. Here are some of them:
  • The Kimberly Ranges is one of the remotest, oldest, wildest and most beautiful regions on Earth. It is a place of stunning scenery, great canyons, national parks and Aboriginal history. The city of Broome lies on the coast and is a hot tourist spot from which the Kimberleys can be accessed.
  • Rottnest Island is a short ferry ride from Perth. Many people go to the island for holidays where you can swim, snorkel, fish and hang out at the beach. The best things about Rottnest Island are the quokkas, (little furry native animals that often visit holiday makers), and there are no cars on the island, so everyone walks or rides a bike!
  • Our coast line is sometimes called Shipwreck coast, because in the old days many ships ran aground in the treacherous waters. Scuba divers love to visit these underwater wrecks.

is the capital city of Western Australia. The population is approximately 1 million people. We are a multicultural city with migrants from all over the world. Perth is a rapidly growing city and is situated on the lovely Swan River. Our climate is mild, and most of the rain falls in winter. Summers are from December to February when temperatures can go above 40 celcius. December is when the school year finishes and we have our 6 weeks summer holidays. Perth is the most isolated city in the world and the third windiest. It is also one of the cleanest because the wind blows the pollution away!

Some of the attractions in Perth are:
  • The sparkling waters of the Swan River are used for boating, fishing, water skiing and other water sports. The river is also a great place for a barbecue.
  • Kings Park is a beautiful park that overlooks our city. In summer music concerts are held there and many people go there for barbeques, walks and to relax.
  • Scarborough Beach is a beautiful, long stretch of beach that is very popular in summertime, especially with young people.
  • Fremantle is a trendy suburb with markets, cafes and entertainment and a nice place to visit on weekends.
  • We have many more attractions, and we hope that one day you can visit our lovely city.

Our School

Carine Senior High School


Carine Senior High School is located in Perth close to the beach. We have many facilities including 2 ovals, 5 basketball courts, a performing arts centre and a swimming pool. There are lots of extra things at this school to assist us with our education and we have computers, televisions and DVDs in most classrooms.

The school is approximately 35 years old and recently we have had some of our classrooms refurbished. The teachers are very nice at this school but you do not want to make them angry! Some of them have been teaching at this school for over 20 years so it must be a nice place to work.

Subjects studied are English, Maths, Society and Environment, Science, Physical Education, Health, Dance, Drama, Music, Art, Woodwork, Cooking and Outdoor Education. Outdoor Education is a great subject for those who like the outdoors. You learn to cook your own food on a camp fire, go camping, sailing, surfing and rock climbing, just to name a few things.
Once a year we have a whole school athletics carnival where we verse each other in running, long, triple and high jump, discus, shot put and other athletic sports. In physical education classes we learn to play lots of sports, like Australian rules football, soccer, netball, basketball, hockey, cricket and volleyball.


The library is a popular place at this school with a huge variety of books, from story books and poems to cook books and culture. We have lots of books on countries around the world and often do research investigations to find out about them.

There are lots of school buses for students to come to school on. The school has a bus too, but that is used for excursions.

We are proud to go to Carine SHS and are enjoying our first year in Year 8. Apart from the class work we do, activities like athletics carnivals, dances, rollerblading discos and a pool party have kept Year 8s very busy. We are lucky and thankful to be at such a lovely school.


Our class profile

We conducted a class survey to find out what our class liked. The boys and girls came up with different responses so here they are:

Favourite things of the girls in our class -

1) Favourite food -- chocolate
2) Favourite television show -- Neighbours
3) Amount of homework -- not much
4) Opinion of our school -- school is great
5) Hobby -- soccer and hanging out with friends
6) Best thing about Perth -- weather, beaches and cute animals
7) Favourite place to visit in Australia -- Queensland
8) Place I’d like to visit in the world -- Spain and Scotland
9) Favourite colour -- pink

Favourite things of the boys in the class -

1) Favourite food -- pizza
2) Favourite television show -- Two and a half men
3) Amount of homework -- a fair bit
4) Opinion of our school -- most like it
5) Hobby -- soccer
6) Best thing about Perth -- weather, beaches and surf
7) Favourite place to visit in Australia -- Sydney or my house
8) Place I’d like to visit in the world -- Bali
9) Favourite colour -- blue

We hope you have enjoyed reading about us.

Year 8 students
Carine SHS

Our Projects

Poems and jokes

Short stories


On December 24, 2000, Santa Clause slipped a small book about fairies into a little girl’s Christmas stocking. He then went to his reindeer and disappeared into the night.

Emma woke up with a start on Christmas day and bounded into her parents room where she jumped on their bed until they woke up.

‘It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas!” she yelled, and ran down stairs to open her presents. She got heaps of things, but the best was a book about a little girl who found fairies in her garden. It came with a small writing set so Emma could write to the fairies in her own garden.

Soon after all the Christmas festivities were done, Emma wrote to the fairies that were hopefully in her garden. She placed the tiny envelope into the flower bed and waited. In bed that night she tossed and turned thinking about her fairy letter and eventually fell asleep. In the morning she ran out into the garden and searched the flower bed for a reply. She smiled widely as she pulled out a pink envelope addressed to her. She let everyone in her family know and hid herself in her room to read her letter.

Dear Emma,
We are very happy that you have started writing to us; we look forward to more letters in the future. We love living in your garden with the daffodils and snow drops, sometimes we take rides on the ladybirds in your back garden!
Lots of love
The Fairies xoxo

Emma could hardly contain her excitement as she gulped down breakfast and pulled on her school uniform. As soon as she arrived at school she waved to her mother and told all her friends her exciting news.

“There are fairies in my garden!!!” she said, “and I write letters to them and they write back!”

Emma's friends were amazed and a bit jealous of Emma’s fairies. Emma could see this and thought she might just stretch the truth a tinsy bit. “Yeh, sometimes they come out of their flower houses to gather food and I see them! They wear dresses made of flower petals and have wings like butterflies, all sparkly!”
“Wow,” gasped her friends, “do you think we could see them if we came for a play?”
“I don’t know guys, they are pretty shy, I mean this is the first time I have seen them and I’ve been at that house for 3 years,” said Emma, beginning to think that maybe she stretched the truth a bit too far, “maybe another time guys.

Ladybirds – small, cute orange beetles with black dots on their backs.

Since 1958 - By Wyatt

1998 3rd of February - First day of high school for Year 8’s of Carine Senior High school, each group of students was lead by a year 12 student and there were 5 students in each group.

One group of students was under the stage in the gym, lead by Jonathan. Jonathan pointed to a strange looking door, “during the winter of 1958 a student went missing down here and some say the position of that door doesn’t match any of the original school designs and no one has ever been in there. It’s a mystery what happened here.”

“I don’t believe you,” said one student.

Jonathan pointed at the door and said, ‘then why don’t you take a look. The year 8 student calmly walked towards the door, reached out, then heard a strange moan from behind the door. He jumped back.
“See, there is something in there, I’ve always wondered but it’s off limits. That room is not in any of the original school design plans and it’s been here since 1958.”
“Why don’t you have a look when no teachers are around?” asked a Year 8 boy.
“There’s one teacher, Mr Brunten, who always seems to know when you’re up to something down here, come to think of it, he suggested that we fill in this room with concrete, COME TO THINK OF IT he’s been here since 1957!”
Jonathan heard someone coming down the stairs, it was Mr Brunten, a small man with a strong hint of anger in his eyes.
“You boys weren’t going to look in that room were you, it’s off limits to students.”
“Uhhh no sir, just showing the Year 8s around,” said Jonathan.

A second later they heard bangs and moans coming from the door, “LEAVE IT! It’s nothing,” yelled Mr Brunten. Ignoring what Mr Brunten said, a Year 8 reached for the handle. “LEAVE IT BOY”, yelled Mr Brunten again.
The student turned the door handle and a dusty mist floated out. As he inched the door further open, something rammed it open, “WHAT IS THAT!” yelled Jonathan…….....

“That’s the rumour that’s been going around the school,” said Mathew, a year 12 student giving a group of year 8s a tour around Carine senior high school on February 3rd 2009, "anyway I’ve always wondered what’s behind that door…”

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