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Mooroolbark East Primary School
Victoria, Australia

Our GiggleCritters

Freezy GiggleCritterGiggling GiggleCritterRockin GiggleCritter

Our Class

Our Class (6K)

G’day mates! We consider our class to be the best in the school J Our teacher is Miss.K and we get lollies for being very good which we are. We are both nervous yet exited to start high school next year.

Our Class (6M)

Hi, we are 6M. Our teachers name is Mr. M and we have 25 students. Our class uses laptops, computers and iPads. We do literacy, music, sport, art and much more. Our class plays very funny fun games… and we are known to be quite cheeky!

Our Class (6C)

Hi, we are the cray cray crew of 6C. Our teachers name is Miss.C . We strive to do our best at everything, and believe our work is at a high standard. We are enjoying our last year of primary school and wish it wouldn’t have to come to an end soon.

Our School

Mooroolbark East Primary School established in 1972, 40 years ago and is situated in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The school consisted of 50 students and 3 teachers. At the time, we had no specialists. The first building was our junior building. It contained a staff room, a computer lab, one classroom and the reception area. Now in 2012 we have 3 buildings, 484 students, 31 teachers and 21 grades. In 2013 we are going to have 22 grades. One of our Grade 3 teachers has worked here for 36 years and our previous library teacher met his wife at our school. They got married at our school on the basketball court and now have 3 kids and still teach at our school. This year as 2012, we celebrate our 40th anniversary.

We have camps and a program called moo stars (Mooroolbark Stars). For moo stars your teacher chooses two students from your class if she/he thinks you have a special talent. During class time, you can do a class with others students that have the same talent as you. Some excursions we have attended include, Phillip Island (camp), Ski trip, Surf trip, The Amazing race (Melbourne City), Snowy River (camp), Melbourne Zoo, Big Day- Night out… just to name a few.

We uphold a great community spirit and pride ourselves on academic achievements and student, teacher and parent relationships.

Our Town


Melbourne is located in the southern part of Australia, in the state of Victoria. Our population is approximately 5.6 million. There are lots of different landmarks which make our city unique. Puffing Billy is a historic train, which only runs now for entertainment. Luna Park is situated in St. Kilda and is a theme park. The Crown Casino is a large tourist attraction with a hotel and hosts a number of prestigious events. The Melbourne show runs every year in September- October with rides, market stalls, show bags and much more. Our most popular sport is AFL (Australian Football League), which originated in Victoria and now includes 18 teams across Australia. We also hold the Australian Open (World tennis competition). Melbourne has been voted the world’s most liveable city two years in a row.


Australia has a population of approximately 28 million and can be regarded as one of the largest islands in the world. Some of our famous landmarks include the Sydney Opera House, Uluru (Northern Territory), The 12 apostles (Victoria), Australia Zoo and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Some of the animals native to our country include Kangaroos, Koala, emu, platypus and wombats. Some of our foods include damper, vegemite, meat pies, Pavlova, aeroplane jelly and lamingtons. Some Australian slang words are Bloke- a man or a guy, Ankle Bitter- small child, Sheila- a woman and Dinkum Fair Dinkum dinky di- genuine truthful. Our currency is a green note is $100, a yellow note is $50, a red note is $20, a blue note is a $10 and a pink note $5. Our coins are silver and gold the silver coins are 50,20,10 and 5 cents and the gold coins are $1 and $2.

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