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Roleystone Primary School
Western Australia, Australia

Our GiggleCritters

Aussie GiggleCritter Hip Hop GiggleCritter 

Our Country 

Australia is an island nation and the smallest continent. It is located in the Southern Hemisphere, near Asia and New Zealand.
Parts of our country are very green, but other parts are dry and brown. Our country is separated into 6 states and 2 Territories. We have the largest reef called the Great Barrier Reef.

Our Town

Roleystone is in the hills of Perth, called the Darling Ranges. We have lots of trees which is nice, but they create a fire hazard in the dry summer months. We have many orchards, growing oranges, peaches, apples, nectarines and other fruit. It is a friendly community.

Our School

Our school goes from Kindy to Year 5. Our school is 104 years old. Our school has a pet farm with guinea pigs, chickens, finches and ducks. We feed the animals our food scraps and collect the eggs from the chickens and use them in our canteen. Our Deputy takes us out for Footy games. We have a choir that sings on many public occasions at big events. Our school is surrounded by beautiful bush areas to play in. We speak English and we learn Indonesian at school.

About Us

We have 32 children in each Year 5 class. The Year 5s have a buddy class with the Year 1s. We look after the sport-shed at recess and lunchtime, the pet farm, the flag, ring the siren and do the announcements and swap each term. We like to paint, and do other art-work. Some Year 5s are involved in Radio Kookaburra which broadcasts through the radio in the school. Room 17 recently won the 'Golden Book' prize for library. We will be going to camp in October for a week.

Some pictures at our school

RoleystonePS  RoleystonePS

Our Projects

Roleystone Poems [also available as a downloadable PDF file]


There was a young lady named Pam
She really loved to eat jam
She put it on toast
Then went to the coast
And came back with beautiful a tan.

By Shania


There once was a girl named Mary
Who wanted to be a small fairy
She dyed her head blonde
Bought a nice wand
But suddenly her legs went too hairy.

By Leah


There once was a silly black dog
That slept all his life in a log
He rolled over and over
Till he felt sober
And then ate his old friend called Mog.

By Jasmine


There once was a cute pig called Mig
Who wore a long fancy wig
He wanted it gold
Until it got cold
Then did a hop and a jig

By Jake


Once a girl who was called Cinderella
Acted a lot like a fella
She played lots of sport
Didn’t listen to what she was taught
And ended up long green and yella.

Created by Tea


There once was a young boy from Perth
Who had a very short birth
He shot straight out
Ended up with a pout
That little boy from Perth

Created by Tea

There once was a young boy called Perky
Who came from a place called Milurkey
He played in the night
Then ate a termite
And slept on a bed of beef jerky

There once was an evil old rake
Who chopped up a very nice snake
The rake went chop, chop
The snake went hop, hop
Then turned into chocolate chip cake

There once was a dog named Rover
Who ate up a four leaf clover
The dog went munch
The clover went crunch
Now the story is over

There once was a girl named Jane
Who was a little insane
She could not remember
From March to December
To put on a coat in the rain


There once was a very nice dog
Who got stuck in a very dark bog
He tried to get out
All night he did shout
To his friend who was lost in the fog


There was an old lady whose hands
Were famous for playing in bands
The flute and the drums
She played with her thumbs
And tied up her hair in a band


There once was a monster called Crunch
Who had just finished lunch
He ate bacon and eggs
With green and blue pegs
Which took him a long time to munch

The Moon walking Emu

An emu once went to the moon
And said he would be back quite soon
He fell on his back
And heard a loud CRACK
So went home to watch a cartoon

Created by Adam

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