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Western Australia, Australia

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Where we are by Rasyidah (Year 8)

Our Country

Australia is situated on the south eastern side of the world. Being such an enormous country, many Australians consider this land as a miniature ‘world’ of its own. Australia is one of the seven continents on this planet. Australia is an eminent place, famous for its kangaroos, unique culture, slang, footy and beer. Filled with people bursting with national pride, this is one of the irreplaceable places on Earth, full of rare, harsh, yet unforgiving beauty in its world renowned bushland. This country is truly blessed with an enormous range of terrain to be found here, a paradise where one can find arid, scorching deserts, snowy mountains (Blue Mountain Ranges), lush green, sub tropical rainforests and of course the extraordinary bushland all in one place. Australia, steeped in history and native culture, is truly a country worth being proud of, and so, ‘Cheers mate! have a great day!’

Our Town

Our school is in the Town of Victoria Park, located in Perth, Western Australia. The Town’s council’s aim is to work in partnership and harmony with the community and enrich the quality of life of the residents living here. They do this by enhancing the Town’s Identity, Spirit and Diversity. The Town has built and provided the resourceful and convenient Community Centre where everyone can come together, relax, play sports, read in the Town’s library, hold meetings and just take a more active and fun part in the community. They have provided and maintained the town’s many beautiful parks, gardens and memorials. This is truly a beautiful town endowed with an even more beautiful school.

Our School

This year, our Head librarian has introduced us to the wonderful project of the Giggle IT scheme. The Year Eight classes of middle school, 2009 have been recently writing and composing several literary pieces, including limericks, humorous poetry and short story writing. Our school is Ursula Frayne Catholic College. We believe we are the best for countless reasons. Some are: we are a K to 12 school, we are equipped and blessed with many wonderful facilities, we are provided many excellent and outstanding teachers who really help us to put our best foot forward and our school is a very anti-bullying zone with almost all students and staff in the campaign against it. Too many reasons to mention, overall we are a brilliant school with many outstanding qualities. I feel, and most of the students and staff too, to be privileged to be part of this warm, welcoming community.

Our Projects

Limericks from Year 8 students - 2009

Froggie by Frances
There once was a frog from France
All the while he hoped for the chance
To be cooked in a pot
And stirred lots and lots
That delectable frog from France.

Lanz by Lanz
Lanz the name, I, myself and me
Humour’s the best, I agree
I love to eat chocolate
and sleep very late
But my messy room you don’t want to see!

By Dominique
A beautiful blonde girl named Skye
Went on the bus for the ride
The conductor’s, “Your fare?”
was said with a glare
“No I’m not,” she said, “I’ve just dyed!”

By Shane
There was a boy named Shane Bell
Who loved soccer I can tell
He liked to play goalie
Which made him look holy
and he didn’t want to go to hell.

Party in Australia by Bridget
There was this girl from Australia
In SoSE and RE she’s a failure
She liked crashing parties
especially with Marty
But so does Mr Naylor.

By Michaela
There once was a man from Tooket
Who always would forget
to take his medication
before his vacation
That poor ailing man from Tooket.

By Shannon
Maddona’s sparkling diamond skit
Sometimes off tune just a bit
Her voice into the mic
was something that they’d like
We’d hope that we could just stay and sit.

By Ririho
A group of horses galloped at night
when they saw that no one was in sight
They became feral horses
escaping the military forces
their coats glistening in the moonlight.

A girl from Perth by Andrea
There once was a girl from Perth
Who hoped to save the Earth
So she helped and she helped
Like a Christmas elf
that weird little girl from Perth.

Betrayed by Mikayla
At lunchtime we always played
Our friendships beginning to fade.
It was great at the start
Then you broke my heart
Now I feel really betrayed.

By David
Conner is my best mate
We party on till late
He likes to go on dates
From many raves
He and I were out for days.

Year 7 - 2011

Year 7 - Mrs Cole and Mrs Oates

Snow White's Seven Dwarfs in the Australian culture

BBQ’s are part of Aussie’s way of life.
Crikey: In memory of Steve Irwin
Mateee: Australians call each other mate
Cook: for Captain Cook
Didgeri: Short for didgeridoo
Anne Zac: for ANZAC day
Ripper: Australians say “Have a ripper day”.

Year 7 - Mrs Cole and Mrs Oates

Snow White's Seven Dwarfs in the Australian culture

Snags: BBQ’s are part of Aussie’s way of life.
Crikey: In memory of Steve Irwin
Mateee: Australians call each other mate
Cook : for Captain Cook
Didgeri: Short for didgeridoo
Anne Zac: for ANZAC day
Ripper: Australians say “Have a ripper day”

Year 7 - Mrs Commisso and Mrs Oates

Snow White's Seven Dwarfs in the Australian culture

Diggy Diggy Hole: Dwarfs diggy diggy holes and there are lots of miners in Australia
Boomer: for Australian kangaroos
Neddy: because of Ned Kelly
Coko Too: after Australian birds
Bogan: Australia is full of them
Alfy: from Australian Rules Football
Aussie: Short for Australian

Year 7 - Mr Pizzolante and Mrs Oates

Snow White's Seven Dwarfs in the Australian culture

Loosey Lucy: Australians are easy going
Pie Face: Australians like eating pies
Lilly L.B: Cricket term : Leg before wicket and Australians love cricket
Anne Zaccery: from Anzac Day.
Roo Paw: from Kangaroo Paws
Kickback: Australians like to relax
Skippy Thongs: From kangaroos and easy foot wear

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