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YKPao Primary School's GiggleCritter Selection

Our Country

China, one of the four great ancient civilizations, also the only one that left. It has over 1.38 billion people and it is the second-largest country by land area. In China, you can visit a lot of beautiful places, from desert to lake, from mountain to forest, and everything in between. China has over five thousand years of history, you can visit museum and see the utensils from a long time ago. China is also the mother of four great inventions, it includes gun powder, compass, printing skills and paper.  – by YK Pao students 

Our City

Shanghai is a very busy city. It is also international, there are people from everywhere. Our school is in this beautiful city. At very first, Shanghai is a small village. But it become very famous next ten years. In here have very yummy breakfast: soy, tofu, dumplings, and so on. This is a city which have lot of buildings in it, so the sky is always grey. I hope that we can have more clean air there.

Oriental Pearl is the sign of Shanghai. It is in Pu dong. There is a Yangtze River between the Pu xi and the Pu dong. In long time ago, Shanghai was colonial of many countries, so it causes the Shanghai today is a very international city.  – by YK Pao students  

Our School

YK Pao School is on Wu Ding west road. It is a school which have lot of great teachers, and also friendly schoolmates. Hailed as the aristocratic school in the alley. We have both Chinese and English lessons. In YK Pao, not everyone can say Chinese, but almost everyone can say English. Outside our building, is full of vines that grown by themselves, when our headmaster find they are there, he let some of students fill soil in the gap, then they grow over the whole building. We have a big colorful school logo on the top of the building.

Our school logo is an orange tree. There is three orange on the tree, it means three ways: teachers, parents and students in our learning. Around this tree is a green square, that means the rules, but this square has some gaps over there, that means at some point, we can have free in the rules. It also means at some point, we can break the rule for the right things. Our school has eight mottos: respect, responsibility, resilience, reflection, self-management, compassion, integrity, balance. Our school want to have whole-person education.  – by YK Pao students 

Our Work
Read our eBooks on the YKPao Primary School site by clicking each link.

Please visit the YK Pao Primary School Library website here to read more of student-written eBooks as they are added.

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